Spring Home Improvement Tips To Keep Your Basement Dry

The warm weather is a great time to get started on cleaning your yard and helping reduce the potential of having any basement water problems this summer.  There are a number of things every homeowner can do during the spring time to help ensure you dont have a flooded basement problem when the rain storms begin.  The best place to start is to carefully inspect your roofing, gutters and downspouts to make sure they are free from debris, leaves, sticks and dirt (anything that may obstruct water).  Once you have visually inspected these items you should set your gutters and downspouts to push water away from your property, so making sure there are no lose connections where water may escape will help. Your landscaping can actually be a great asset in reducing your basement water problems. Making sure that the ground slopes away from the foundation and there are no large gaps where water may try to pool is also necessary. On the inside of your home, dont forget about your sump pump. Sump pumps work to pull the water that may be under your basements foundation and disburse this into a drain that heads out to the sewer system. Sump pumps are key defense items in preventing basement water problems, make sure that their is no debris or roots blocking the pumping system and that the motor is starting.