Will My Insurance Cover Water Damage Restoration?

Is Flooding Damage To Your Home Covered By Insurance

The most devastating encounter is returning from a business trip or vacation and finding your home flooded. You have to think quickly lest the water destroys everything. At this time, all you can think of is how much it will cost to repair and restore your home to its coziness. Will your homeowner’s insurance cover the water damage, or will you use your emergency fund to cater to the expense?

The standard homeowner’s insurance policy covers water damage restoration. However, most are selective and only compensate for certain types of water damage. If the water damage was sudden and caused by issues like burst pipes or malfunctioning washing machines, the homeowner’s insurance will cover it as these are sources inside your home. 

But if the water damage is from external sources like flooding from excess rainfall, you will have to cover the expenses privately. Homeowner’s insurance only covers damages caused by things from within your home. To protect your property, you can get a separate cover if you live in a flood-prone zone.

When Will Homeowner’s Insurance Not Cover Damages?

Insurance companies have strict policies they adhere to. To get compensation, the damage incurred must be in line with the set policies; therefore, ensure to read your insurer’s rules before settling with one. 

Neglected Maintenance Issues

As a homeowner, you must schedule routine maintenance for your appliances and systems to ensure the smooth running of activities. While it might be common sense to do so, not all homeowners pay attention to maintenance issues. 

It is common to find homes with pipes that have been leaking for several weeks. Leaky pipes not only increase your utility costs but can also lead to water damage if left unattended over a long period. Your insurance cover provider will send an inspector to assess the situation, and if they report the water damage resulted from neglect, you won’t get any compensation.

Replacing the Actual Cause of Water Damage

Numerous things, such as sewer backups, burst water heater tanks, or burst pipes, can cause water damage. Although these appliances might be inside your home, your homeowner’s insurance policy will not repair or replace them if they cause water damage. The insurer will only compensate for the things damaged by the water, such as a wall or floor repair. Some insurance companies offer appliance coverage, but not as part of the homeowner’s insurance. Get one of these covers if you are interested in securing your appliances.

Water Damage from Natural Calamities

Hurricanes and floods are the top contributors to water damage in homes, yet they are not covered in homeowners’ insurance policies. This is because there are separate policies to cover such disasters.