What Happens When Flooding Damage Is Not Treated Properly

Can Water Damage Be Completely Removed, or Will It Leave Permanent Damage?

There is a reason almost every homeowner gets terrified when they think of water damaging their home. If the water rises above 12 inches, be assured that your property might not be salvaged. This is why it is important to take measures to prevent water damage in your home, like installing a sump pump in the event of flooding. 

It will be difficult to restore porous materials as water destroys them by shrinking or warping. Even if you use the best equipment on the market to dry them out, they cannot return to their previous state. Therefore, note it down for insurance coverage if you have anything in your home that you value too much and might be subjected to water damage.

Some porous surfaces might not shrink, but they will withhold moisture inside because of their nature. Your couch, for instance, even after going through the drying process, will not be 100% dried. There is a high chance of moisture retention, something you don’t want in your home. The retained moisture will provide the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to thrive. 

This is one of the consequences of water damage most homeowners face. Mold and mildew make your home undesirable. They discolor surfaces, make the space stuffy, and degrade the air quality. Such conditions are hazardous and might lead to chronic respiratory illnesses if not treated early enough. 

So, if you recently experienced water damage and your favorite couch was affected, chances are it will bring mold into your home. Do away with it and get a new set to prevent mold infestation. Some surfaces, like your drywall or wooden floors, might also suffer permanent damage. The water damage restoration company will most likely replace these after the cleaning process is complete. 

Whether the damage caused will be permanent or not also depends on other factors. Suppose the water damage was from sewage backup; this would make it category 3, blackwater. No matter how good the restoration company you hire is, restoring items submerged under blackwater is nearly impossible because blackwater contains toxic waste. The only items you can restore from such a disaster are things that can be washed and dried quickly particularly non-porous ones.

You must also consider whether the water stagnated in your home for a long period; if so, the damage will be extensive. The longer the water damage stays untreated, the higher the possibility of getting irreparable damage. While restoration companies do their best to undo water damage, they might not always remove it all. Protect your home from water damage by taking the right measures to avoid permanent damage to your property.