Need to Dry a Flooded Basement? You can DIY or Call in the Experts

The shock and anguish associated with finding that your basement has become flooded is something you would not wish on anyone. A flooded basement may appear at first glance to be a rather hopeless situation but rest assured that it can be remedied if the correct steps are taken.

Once you have wits about you, you need to quickly take action. It takes less than two days for dangerous and harmful mold to begin its destructive growth, so the clock is ticking. Turn off the supply of electricity to the area in order to eliminate the possibility of electrocution and then set your sights on getting any standing out out of your basement.

If you decide to undertake the job yourself you will need a few essential items such as a sump pump, a few fans and at least one household humidifier. If you do not happen to have these items on hand, you can find them at most any home improvement or local hardware store. Pump out the standing water, remove the wet items and then move in the fans and dehumidifier so that the area begins to dry. Do not turn on the heat, even though you may think it will help with the drying process. Warmth and moisture is what spurs mold to begin its development so a hot and humid area is what you want to avoid.

You will next need to decide which of the water damaged items are salvageable and which should be thrown away. Generally speaking, thick carpeting that has been totally submerged in water will most likely need to be discarded. The same holds true for thick cushions as mold and mildew will probably begin to take form before these items can be thoroughly dried.

Once the area is dry, you will need to scrub the walls and floor with clean water and a good quality cleaning solution. Be certain that crawl spaces, cupboards and closets are dried completely as well as the areas behind baseboards and molding.

If you do not have the time nor the resources to deal with your flooded basement, call us. Our team of certified and highly trained professionals will arrive on the scene quickly to assess the damage and to take an immediate course of action. We have the latest equipment including trunk-mounted water extractors, industrial strength blowers and special dehumidifiers that we use to ensure that order is quickly restored and that no harmful and dangerous mold can begin to grow.