Chicago Storms Flooding Streets and Basements

Recent storms on Saturday and Sunday have caused several storm-related problems such as flooded basements and overflowing streets in Chicago and its suburbs. Northwest regions of the city are probably the most affected ones. For instance, several homes located on the Hatlan Avenue in Mount Prospect were flooded. Residents reported that the water was entering their homes faster than they could get it out and flow of water was so forceful that it threw down it the bulky items in basements.

Many instances of basement flooding were also reported from Elk Groove Village. About 10-foot of water from the Salt Creek, located nearby, entered the homes of the residents here causing serious damage to their property and contents.

Neighborhoods in Northfield, Winnetka and Glencoe were completely submerged under the water on Saturday morning. Two big condo complexes and several vehicles were inundated by the deluge in Palatine. Residents struggled to move their valuable belongings off the ground, but for most, carpets, furniture and appliances were damaged. People were seen pushing their vehicles out onto the streets and helping others that were stuck on the first floor to get their children out.
Probably, the most devastated community is Des Plaines. Situated close to the river, the inhabitants are more accustomed to the problems caused by rains, but the deluge on Saturday flooded the regions that usually don’t get affected, including main streets such as Touhy Avenue. Large areas of Touhy Mobile Home Park were inundated in spite of having a comparatively new sewer system.

The state of emergency was declared in the Des Plaines. Mayor of the city, Marty Moylan stated that they have the entire workforce ready to help and have a strategy to tackle the situation. Sandbags were placed at different locations in the city.
O’Hare Campus of the DePaul University located on the Far Northwest Side of the city of Chicago was closed on Saturday as well as on Sunday due to power failure and flooding of parking lots. The classes and other activities are expected to recommence on Monday morning.

Many car owners whose cars were parked on the flooded streets found the inside of their vehicles soaked in water after the weekend storms. The passages and driveways across the region were filled with wet furniture, electronics and carpets.
Watch for flash flood has been issued as the thunderstorms and rains are expected to continue in the city.