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What Home Insurance Companies Offer Mold Coverage Options

Mold coverage is typically not covered by the general home insurance. It is hard to find a home insurance company that does offer mold coverage in their home insurance. Mold tends to thrive in areas that are damp. They can be hazardous to the health of your family even if it is just a small patch growing on some parts of your wall. It can cause symptoms like breathing difficulties, rashes, and asthma especially with people that has a medical history.

Most home insurance does not offer coverage against water damage that is caused by maintenance problem. Examples of water damage caused by maintenance problem are repetitive leaks, problems in your drainage system and etc. Flood damage is also generally not included in your home insurance which means that mold developed as a result of a flood damage will not be covered.

On the other hand, water damage caused by an accidental issue like burst pipe and sudden sump pump failure. You should check with your policy to confirm the types of water damage sources that will be covered in accidental issue. Every now and then, you should check your plumbing system to ensure that it is working in good condition without any problem.

They may limit the compensation amount you can claim even if your policy does offer coverage of mold by certain water damages. The home insurance company may change the policy every now and then so make sure to read the policy every year. This will keep you up to date on whether mold damage is covered in your home insurance.

You should never count on your home insurance policy to get the mold removed from your house. The best way to deal with this is to take things into your hand by following all the precaution steps. Some of the precaution steps that you can take are maintaining the humidity low, install ventilation system in bathroom, make sure your drain is clear, install exhaust fan in kitchen, mix in mold inhibitors in paints, insulate surfaces that are cold and etc. If you notice any plumbing problem, you should immediately get it fixed within a period of 24 – 48 hours.

You must firstly understand how the mold growth takes place before you can determine whether your home insurance provides coverage. If you notice any plumbing problem like leaking, you should hire a disaster cleanup company to come over to your house to take proactive actions. Many cleanup companies are covered by home insurance companies.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup