Flooded Basement Cleanup

Weekend Storms Batter Twin Cities

Residents of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota endured severe thunderstorms this past week which resulted in widespread damages including flooding, downed trees and utility poles & lines. The city of St. Paul was littered with uprooted trees, downed powerlines and debris from a second wave of thunderstorms in less than 24 hours late Friday that left over 100,000 customers in the metro area without power.

The National Weather Service warned residents of the Twin Cities area that they could be in for more bad weather through Monday as additional thunderstorms were very likely to occur. The service also stated that the area was in a really active weather pattern with no cold front to dampen the storms. The NWS informed people that they could get a short reprieve Sunday before the bad weather returns Monday night. Heavy winds took down many trees across the Twin Cities area with the southern portion of Minneapolis appearing to be the worst hit.

The bad weather that struck the area brought with it winds in excess of 65 miles per hour and heavy downpourings of rain which fell at a rate of 1 ½ inches in just 30 minutes. The heavy rainfall overwhelmed sewer systems and created numerous flash floods across several southern Minnesota counties. The winds were so strong Friday night in St. Paul that roofs were torn off homes which left several homes uninhabitable.

The fierce storms that ripped through the Twin Cities on Friday literally seared through powerlines and huge, old trees in many parts of Hennepin County, resulting in some of the worst storm damage that part of Minnesota has seen in years. In St. Paul, boulevards lined with decades old trees were completely devastated as many of the large trees were uprooted wherein they landed on cars, homes, garages and of course city streets, making them impassable.

Officials in Minneapolis announced plans for debris collection starting on the first day of July to help residents get rid of downed wood in the yards. The city of St. Paul is planning a similar pickup service that will run over the next couple of weeks. Over 1,000 utility workers were deployed over the weekend to repair downed power poles and lines so that power can be fully restored to those who were affected by outages. Many residents in southern Minnesota spent the day Sunday dealing with flooding as the heavy rains swamped basements and the lower levels of many homes and businesses.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup