Flooded Basement Cleanup

Taking Care of Electric and Gas Appliances After A Flood

After the plundering floods have been silenced, it is the time to check the extent of damage and stock of the things that have been destroyed and rendered kaput. Some of the things that you have to be very careful of are flood-damaged electrical and gas appliances. They are clearly unsafe and can claim life; so you should NEVER USE them till a qualified repairer disassembles them and checks them.

It is obvious that quite a lot of damage may have been rendered to the electrical and gas appliances in your home, particularly if the floods have gushed into your home. If the appliances have been found floating in water or immersed with it, it is clear that they either need a repair or a replacement. Some of the others that may not have been so impacted and are in workable condition may still have water clogged in their internal parts, which may lead to electric shock or malfunction in the future. So, without a question, you should get these appliances checked by a competent repairer.

Some of the appliances that must be checked and inspected by a qualified repairer or a service professional include: water heater, geyser, microwaves, air-conditioners, room heaters, damaged venting systems, electrical systems like TV sets, clothes washers, dryers, boilers, furnaces, gas and other electrical appliances. If some of these appliances are rather old and not of much value in terms of cost, you can just go for a replacement, rather than spending too much on repairing them. If the appliances are new and command a high value, find out from the authorized service professional about the charges to repair them or replace them, and find out which is a better option.
The gas control valve in an appliance can malfunction, after it has come in contact with water. You can find such valves in gas oriented appliances like water heaters, boilers, ovens, cloth dryers etc; they are used to regulate the flow of gas to the burner. The flood water and the wet dirt can rust or damage the control parts in the valve, making it prone to explode or catch fire. The thing to note is here is that this may not happen just after the flood has ceded, it can take years for the valve to catch fire. It may well depend on when a speck of silt finds its way into a critical area in the valve that can cause this kind of damage.

The repair professional will usually tell you to replace the gas control valve in such cases. He will also tell you to replace the furnace switch, the switch that turns off the furnace if it overheats. This particular switch can be damaged by a flood impact. He may also advise you to do so for a gas burner that has been rendered due to silt deposition or rust.
In case of electrical appliance, even if they tend to work properly, you should be wary of a damaged insulation. The repairer should check all controls, wiring and the switches in the electrical appliance; the board to which the appliance is connected as well as the mains to nullify the risk of electric shock, short-circuits and appliance damage.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup