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Minneapolis Faces Severe Cold Weather What Challenges Do Property Owners Face

Minneapolis is going to be experiencing some of the most severe cold weather they have had to face in 4 years rather soon. While many people have already resolved to simply stay inside and ride out the wave of cold, it just is not an option for property owners.

Property owners already know that owning instead of renting comes with a number of responsibilities that they never even thought about before, but many property owners have never had to deal with cold weather, particularly of this magnitude.

Of course, the first thing to consider is frozen water pipes. Pretty much anyone who has dealt with subfreezing temperatures in the past knows about this, but the problem is even worse when you get below zero. At the very least, property owners should leave a faucet dripping to relieve the pressure in the pipe system, as well as opening up all cabinet doors that are located under sinks. To be even safer, the property owner can leave their heating system on a low system while they are away to add another layer of protection. Quite a few people already know to take these steps, but most people don’t realize that even taking all these preventative steps before they go to sleep or leave for an extended amount of time does not make them completely impervious to bursting pipes.

To be absolutely sure that pipes won’t bust while the inhabitants of the house sleep requires draining the entire water system. This might sound a bit involved, but all it requires the property owner to do is to turn off the main valve and then turn on every water fixture in the house until all of the water stops running. With the water emptied out of the pipes, it becomes impossible for them to burst.

While preparing the water pipes is the most important step, there are other preventative steps that many people forget to take. For example, always having the fireplace or wood stove checked by an inspector every year is perhaps the thing most often forgotten. One thing people certainly never had to worry about before becoming property owners was dealing with a garden. When temperatures go below freezing, gardens need to be covered up. This is simple to do with a number of sheets (not plastic), and a few buckets. As long as they make sure to cover them in advance to trap the heat, property owners should be able to save the vast majority of their plants.

With all their preparations in place, property owners can relax just like their friends and family who do not own property. In this way, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you own this property, and it is your responsibility to be sure it is prepared

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Flooded Basement Cleanup