Flooded Basement Cleanup

Milwaukee Trying to Dry Out after Flooding

City officials in Milwaukee said that they have received a record number of telephone calls from residents reporting that their basements have been flooded as a result of waste and water backups following the large storm that moved through the area on Thursday. Officials are responding by saying that they will try to check out each and every case to determine if the problem lies with the city’s sewer system or from a problem with the house. To date, 2,482 calls were received by the city’s phone system, so says the Dept. of Public Works. Work crews are busy this weekend collecting flood debris from homes.

The City of Milwaukee has set up two self-help centers in the city where residents are being asked to drop off flood damaged items removed from their homes. There will be no sanitation pickup fees charged to those who bring their items to these locations for disposal. Mayor Tom Barrett has ordered that no parking citations be issued in the flooded areas of the city because many people were forced to abandon their vehicles so that they could escape the rising floodwaters.

The huge thunderstorm that moved into Milwaukee on Thursday dumped over seven inches of rain on parts of the city in just two hours, overwhelming the city’s sewer system. During the height of the storm all of the city firefighting companies were out responding to calls for service. Around fifty people had to be rescued from their vehicles that were stuck in floodwater. Two residents on the city’s south side had to be taken to hospitals for treatment after they were struck by lightning. Thankfully however, no one was killed as a direct result of the storm.

The most compelling example of the storm’s devastation was the massive sinkhole on North Avenue. The hole is estimated to be around twenty feet deep and was started with the collapse of a manhole that eroded into a giant drain. As the ground gave way, an Cadillac Escalade with a man inside fell into the hole, leading to a very dramatic rescue that was captured on video.

Wisconsin’s governor Jim Doyle declared Milwaukee County as being in a state of emergency on Friday, an action that alerts state agencies to step in and help repair the damage caused by the heavy downpours and flooding. That action also is taken as a step toward seeking federal disaster aide and assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA). It was later announced that an official from FEMA was en route to the state.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup