Flooded Basement Cleanup

Metro Detroit Hit By Late Season Rain Storm Causing Flooding

Rain and more rain has become a major headache for homeowners all across Southeaster Michigan today. The late season storm could bring several inches of rain water and has already caused numerous areas of flash flooding. The low pressure moisture system, which has been traveling northward, is being met head on by a southern wind direction, causing the rain system to linger over a large portion of the great lakes region. With the additional rainfall that is projected into the evening hours, their is a good chance that homeowners will be coming home from work and finding their basements may be a bit on the wet side. The large amount of rainfall can cause problems with sump pumps, creating small areas of dampness in basements to severe flooding problems in homes and communities where the sewage lines become overwhelmed with the water.

The most recent storm comes at a time when most property owners are gearing up for colder weather. Michigan has dealt with several severe storms in 2011 which have caused basement flooding problems. Homeowners in Warren and Grosse Pointe are just finishing up their rebuilding projects for basement repairs due to flooding from this summer, are going to be quite upset if their is another round of dealing with a flooded basement. Making sure your sub pump is working correctly will help to keep the water out, but with the large amounts of water homeowners may be facing a losing battle today.

Disaster Team will have numerous crews working through the evening hours providing water extraction services and setting up drying equipment to assist with the flooding problems caused by todays storms.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup