Flooded Basement Cleanup

Hurricane Floods Cause Major Losses to the US Economy

History has shown that wind speeds from hurricane are not the only cause of destruction, the major share of the havoc is caused due to inland flooding. Hurricanes are known to cause tornadoes, storm surges and of course, flooding. Taking the records from 70s till date, much causality has happened due to flooding rather than winds.

Hurricane Agnes in 1972 caused floods in North East area of the United States, which caused 122 deaths and damages up to 6.4 million Hurricane Katrina and the more recent Hurricane Irene also caused a lot of damage due to their flooding. The costliest hurricane since 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 had caused property damage going up to $81 billion and killing 1840 people. Hurricane Irene also caused financial losses of up to $3.1 billion with 55 deaths. Most deaths and damages were due to drowning caused by flooding.

Experts say that 23 percent of deaths happen due to floods in a tropical storm or hurricane. Most causes of deaths in this regard is due to people trying to abandon their car, or trying to risk it by wading through areas with rising water levels. 79 percent of children and 83 percent of animals that are tied drown in freshwater floods.

So, when you hear about an impending storm or hurricane, think about flooding and how it can cause damage. Make immediate provisions for evacuation by talking to the authorities. Find out the risk of flooding to your home or business by checking the elevation of the property. You can also talk to your insurance company and find out how much of flood insurance is there. It is better to apply for insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program, insurance protection for floods. You can get federal flood insurance protection through this scheme.

Remember to keep materials like sandbags, plastic sheeting, lumber, boots, gloves, shovels etc handy. The local emergency management agency can also guide you on how you can take proper measures to protect your home. The authorities and municipality should work on an efficient drainage system. In fact, it is commendable that the drainage system after Hurricane Katrina was done so well that the water was routed through proper channels rather than accumulating in ensuing tropical storms that took place in the area.

One should remember to stay away from drowned power lines. Monitor and listen to weather fluctuations through the NOAA weather radio. It is advisable not to drive your car into water whose depths cannot be judged. Moving water is the biggest cause of deaths in floods wherein the water sweeps the vehicles by its powerful currents. You should not allow kids to play in water, especially if it is raining heavily in flood prone areas. Do not eat fresh food when it comes into contact with fresh water. Also one should check if the water is potable. It is better to test the water by boiling and filtering it properly before drinking

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Flooded Basement Cleanup