Flooded Basement Cleanup

Heavy Rain from What’s Left of Tropical Storm Nicole Floods Hits North Carolina Hard

Eastern and central North Carolina is on high alert for potential flooding and tornadoes today as heavy rain falls on the already saturated ground. The bad weather is attributed to what is left of Tropical Storm Nicole that first hit southern Florida and then moved up the east coast before losing the tropical storm status.

The entire downtown of Carolina Beach, North Carolina is under several feet of flood water which has prompted several residents to use canoes and kayaks to get around the town. Several businesses including two hotels and some homes are reported to be flooded. The water is flowing into the residential and business area from a nearby eleven-acre retention pond. Work crews are pumping out what they can and more pumps are being brought in to help. Most usually the pond can handle six to seven inches of rain but it simply could not keep up with the most recent very heavy rainfall.

In Kinston, North Carolina about seventy people were forced to evacuate a mobile home community overnight because of flooding. The water is several inches high there and is expected to rise as the rains are relentless. The parking structure at Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh had to be closed because it sits alongside a creek that has flooding its banks. The storm has knocked power out to over 20,000 customers in North Carolina so far. Utilities crews are working over-time to restore power as quickly as possible however their work is being hampered by tree limbs laying on downed lines.

State officials have been urging motorists not to drive through water that has washed over roadways. Many commuters have encountered flooded and closed roads in counties across the state from the coast to the Triangle. When Hurricane Floyd hit the state in 1999 several residents traveling in vehicles lost their lives when they drove on roadways that were flooded. The were literally swept away in the rushing water as some witnesses stood by and watched.

There has been two feet of standing water reported on numerous roads in the state. Some roads have become severely damaged and others have become completely washed out including N.C. 17 between mile markers 33 and 34. State emergency officials are warning North Carolinians to be on high alert for flooding and changing weather as the remnants of Nicole move through their state. Several shelters have opened in Brunswick, Lenoir and Onslow counties and other counties are preparing to do the same if needed. Several school districts are closed throughout the state and numerous road closures are happening in Craven, Duplin, Jones, Pasquotank, Onslow, Sampson and Pitt.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup