Flooded Basement Cleanup

Flooding Damage caused by Tropical Storms in the Last 10 Years

Natural catastrophes are inevitably destructive, while the 2010 hurricane season so far has been quite active, residents who live along coastal states havee not been victimized by major flood damages to date, with only a few exceptions from the remains of a large tropical storm that produced flooding throughtout the Mid-Atlantic region. Forecast can see them coming but when it strikes, there is no stopping the devastation it brings to the environment and to the people’s shelters. Tropical storms can bring dreaded disasters such as flooding or the abnormal rise of water level hitting the land areas. Flooding damage caused by tropical storms has made the lives of affected residents so difficult. In the United States, there were quite a few major instances of flooding damage caused by tropical storms in the last 10 years.

Hurricane Katrina

In 2005, one of the deadliest tropical storms in the history of the United States damaged the properties and caused the lives of many people. After the storm surged inland in New Orleans and Louisiana, subsequent flooding covered a large part of the cities, and the waters didn’t subside until after a few weeks. The weak construction of floodwalls and failure to close flood gates caused the waters to penetrate the city of New Orleans. Apart from the loss of thousands of lives, so many residents also lost their homes after the storm left the area.

Hurricane Ike

The year 2008 was an unfortunate one for the people of Louisiana and Texas due to Hurricane Ike which caused heavy flooding in many areas of the said states. The same situation also occurred to warned residents of the Texas coastline who did not listen to the caution of the coming storm. There was widespread flooding in the Galveston area with water level rising up to 8 feet. Many tourist attractions were severely damaged by the strong gush of floodwaters.

Hurricane Wilma
Flooding damage caused the devastation of many properties and infrastructure brought by Hurricane Wilma in the State of Florida, particularly in the areas of South Florida. Aside from the strong wind, the damage was extensive because of
the flooding, causing deaths of about 26 people.

Hurricane Allison

A tropical storm named Allison hit majority of southeast Texas in 2001. Heavy rainfall occurred and flooded more than 70,000 homes in Houston, leaving about 30,000 residents homeless. Hospitals and commercial buildings were also greatly damaged due to the heavy flooding. It drowned 27 people since water rose to as high as 35 inches or 890 mm. In addition to Texas, the areas of Louisiana and Pennsylvania were also struck by the tropical storm.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup