Flooded Basement Cleanup

Effects of Floods from Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

These days more and more of us find cause to contemplate the effects of powerful hurricanes and tropical storms, as weather patterns change and disasters more frequently enter the news. Most of us are now aware that it’s difficult to underestimate the damage that can be wrought by natural disasters. No country seems immune, and no one is assured exemption when it comes to flood damage.

Devastating Events

The worst effects of hurricanes and tropical storms are, of course, losses of life. We’re all too familiar with images of ordinary people seeking refuge on rooftops in China, Pakistan or other countries from surging waters that are relentless in their advance. America was affected on a massive scale with Hurricane Katrina, one of the worst natural disasters the country has ever seen. While no one might previously have imagined such a powerful country falling victim to such severe flooding, few will make the assumption again. These days the flood described in the Bible seems more and more credible.

Damage Progression

Flooding has some significant primary effects. These include fatalities among the human and animal population and physical damage to structures including sewer systems, buildings and bridges. Secondary effects of flooding come later but are often just as serious as the primary effects. When water systems become contaminated, risk to public health becomes very real and extremely frightening. Diseases may begin to spread while food and clean water shortages bring about dehydration and malnutrition. Trees may die along with other growth that’s vital for the ecology. Long-term effects of flooding caused by tropical storms and hurricanes tend to be economic hardship, the cost of rebuilding and cleaning up, a decline in tourism to a region and the effects of food shortages.

When the Waters Recede

It’s usually after the worst of the flooding is over that the true cost of hurricanes and tropical storms can start to be counted. The worst flood ever recorded may have occurred in China in 1931, during which an estimated 3,700,000 people may have lost their lives.

In modern times, serious flooding appears in the news more and more often, so governments are well aware of the potential dangers and take precautions such as building drainage canals, barriers and other flood defenses. We may all need to grow accustomed to life in a world where flooding is more common, but technological advances should also ease our minds.

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Flooded Basement Cleanup